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Thank you for your interest in joining the Western New England Editorial Freelancers Network. As a member, you can have your qualifications posted on the EditorsPlus site. We have found this a wonderful means of attracting new clients over the years. We don’t have any get-togethers planned at this time, but you can contact/network with any of the group’s other members whenever you’d like.

The current membership fee is $20. Please fill out the form from the website and send it to Kathleen Lafferty, the group’s Membership Coordinator. Kathleen’s address is 418 Long Plain Road, Leverett, MA 01054.

Mary Knight is the WNEEFN’s Webmaster. After joining, you can send the information you’d like to include about yourself in the online directory to her, and she’ll be able to add it to the site.

Thanks for thinking about joining this local network.

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Western New England
Editorial Freelancers’ Network

Please PRINT this page, complete, and send with your dues to Kathleen M. Lafferty, Roaring Mountain Editorial Services   418 Long Plain Road, Leverett, MA  01054.

[  ]  I have read the Network’s statement of purpose and would like to enter my Network membership

[  ]  I have enclosed a check for the $20 dues, made payable to Kathleen Lafferty.  (You will get an acknowledgement upon receipt.)

Name:  _________________________________________________________

Address:  ________________________________________________________


Phone:  ________________   Fax:  ________________   Email: __________________

I understand that the information I have provided above will be circulated among the network membership to facilitate networking and mutual assistance, and may also be shared with potential clients.  I agree not to knowingly use the networking list, either in printed or e-mail form, for commercial purposes, or to release it to solicitors.
__________________________________________               ______________

Signature                                                                                    Date

Please provide a brief description of the work you do for inclusion on the networking list, including any areas of specialization.  (Note: Listing on the web page is not automatic; please send a copy of this information to the Webmaster if you wish to be included.)