Rusty Russell

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The Writing Counselor
Phone: 617.515.9522

Let’s face facts: the pen and the keyboard are difficult masters – even under optimal conditions. But writing for academic, technical, professional, or business publication adds complexity to the task. That’s where an editor and writing coach can make a big difference.

I am committed to helping academic and technical authors produce their best work – and get it published and praised. I assist:

  • Scholars and researchers
  • Business and technical writers
  • Thesis candidates
  • Grant and fellowship applicants

I offer a suite of integrated services:

  • Coaching – guiding the writer facing those all-too-familiar blocks, whether arising from mind or spirit
  • Focusing – working with the writer to identify the desired subject of a study, article or dissertation
  • Crafting – assisting with the structure of the research, as well as the initial draft
  • Revising – helping to integrate new findings or ideas into the fabric of an existing analysis or narrative
  • Editing – carefully addressing grammar, usage, and style

My qualifications:

  • More than 15 years in the social sciences as a graduate-level university instructor
  • More than 30 years as a lawyer and public policymaker
  • Nearly a decade as a journalist and media director
  • J.D., Harvard Law School; B.A., history, Amherst College

Particular (but not exclusive) areas of interest:

  • Law and regulation
  • Environmental and natural resources policy
  • Public policy
  • Public health