Julie HawkOwl

Julie HawkOwl
HawkOwl Editorial Services
42 Plumtree Rd, Sunderland, MA  01375
Phone: 413-549-0963
Email:  jhawkowl@comcast.net

I’ve been a detail person all my life. I finally found my calling in copyediting and proofreading. I find this work is a rewarding way to channel my wish to fix things, attend to details, and learn new things. I like this partnership because it allows the creators to do what they do best—courageously putting their ideas on paper to share with others, while giving me the opportunity to do what I do best—refining grammar, spelling, and clarity when necessary.  One of my unique strengths is in editing college level textbooks, especially biology, botany, psychology, chemistry, and all permutations of these.