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“Finally, writers need to budget editing and PR…

“Finally, writers need to budget editing and PR into their book projects. … First, hire a developmental editor. I have a great one if you need an introduction. Developmental editors help you define your book, improve your plot, and build something readable out of your scratchings. Then, once you think you are done, please hire a copy editor. These editors actually read every word of your book and make sure it isn’t a mess. These two editors are absolutely essential and you should budget about $1,000 each for the average novel. Then spend $500 on PR. If you don’t do these things, you’re going to fail. It’s a sad, hard truth.”

I love the line “These editors actually read every word of your book.” Most authors don’t understand that the CE is usually the only person who will read (not skim, scan, or check out the contents) the entire ms.

First, some ranting: getting an Indie book reviewed is almost impossible. It took a publisher’s ….

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Scam Alert

Warning:  Contacted by someone for an editing job and a third party who was funding the job sent a check for much more than the agreed upon fee.  Asked to cash the check and forward the difference to that third party, I did an investigation with my bank and found that the check was a forgery.  BEWARE.


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